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Walk Around Former Bangkok Prison Turned To Park
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Skrevet d. 08-03-2021 18:53
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Rommaninat Park is an interesting place to walk through in Bangkok. It was once the city's main prison but is now filled with joggers and children playing in the morning after the whole area was converted into a public park and museum. Original watch towers and several locked metal gates still stand in the 11-acre Rommaninat Park in Bangkok, which used to be Klong Prem Prison compound. The old prison and the observation towers have been renovated into a Corrections museum, which displays various instruments of punishments and its evolution in Thailand. The prison relocated to Chatuuchak, so Rommaninat park is now a nice place to walk around.

Aside from the watchtowers, three cell blocks and a side of the huge prison wall were preserved in their original state as part of the historical museum. Despite its gruesome history, people love visiting the park as it is well-maintained with many garden areas, lakes, a skatepark, basketball courts, a children's playground and a weight lifting area.

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