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Skrevet d. 09-02-2020 16:10
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A video posted on YouTube by Thai media 77kaoded showed the terrible state of tourism in #Pattaya in the wake of the
Chinese not travelling due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite it being a beautiful, breezy day of clear skies down on the Eastern Seaboard there was barely a tourist in sight.
And this was supposed to be high season.

Sohotown – usually bustling with Chinese tourists spending money – was all but deserted.

There were just a few stragglers down at Pattaya port and the pier wondering where everyone had got to.

Kilometers of pristine sand laid down especially for the tourists was empty. There were just a couple of farangs on the beach spoilt for choice for where to sit down.

Great rows of beach loungers – usually filled with people enjoying the weather and the seafood – were almost completely bereft of people.
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Skrevet d. 09-02-2020 17:02


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Det er nu rart at være her uden alle de kinøjsere.
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