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Cheeky Monkey Tries To Kiss Tourist
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Skrevet d. 02-12-2019 12:00
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This is the amusing moment a monkey tries to steal from a woman's bag - before trying to kiss her.

The video was filmed at the annual 'monkey birthday party' in the city of Lopburi, central Thailand, on November 24. Each year, tables full of watermelons, bananas, candy, ice cream and juice were laid out throughout the day for the wild primates.

The monkeys are happy to gorge on the sugary snacks while wreaking havoc among the tourists who arrive to watch the spectacle. Locals have been providing the annual feast, which they say is a birthday party, for more than a decade as a way of celebrating the creatures, which they believe are sacred and bring good luck to the area.

The Lopburi monkey party has become an annual attraction for locals and tourists across the central province. Buddhists believe that the monkey is a symbol of good luck and that by honouring them with a birthday party, they will receive good fortune in the year ahead.

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