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Criminals have been put to work in Thailand, cleaning up Buddhist temples in Bangkok
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Skrevet d. 09-04-2018 13:47
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Criminals have been put to work in Thailand, cleaning up Buddhist temples in Bangkok.

It's part of a nationwide celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the enthronement of King Bhumibol.

Deep in prayer, these women may look like ordinary worshippers.

But the prison uniform gives it away.

Each is serving a sentence for offences ranging from theft to murder.

For around five hours, they tend the temple gardens, and buildings, before being returned to their cells, at the Bangkok Women's Correction Centre.

This weekend, the King of Thailand celebrates fifty years on the throne, and the country is undergoing something of a face-lift.

The authorities thought prison labour would be a good way to spruce up the temples.

It also gives the convicts a chance to "make merit" - store up good deeds for the next life.

"I'm very happy to clean at the temple, to do something that's good. ok to do something good for my country."

There's little worry about escape.

This weekend, they'll all be freed under a Royal pardon.

About 25-thousand prisoners in all will be released.

Another 45-thousand will have their sentences commuted, among them the former monk who murdered British backpacker Jo Masheder, last December.

Yodchad Suaphu was originally condemned to death.

He'll now serve life imprisonment.

Wat Samian is one of a number of Bangkok temples enjoying this unusual clean-up.

The abbot is all in favour of the initiative.

"I'm glad they came willingly and not just for show. They came with a full heart, for the sake of their belief in Buddhism."

SUPERCAPTION: Phra Mahatra Tamatino, Abbot of the Temple

Most monks took the change in routine very much in their stride.

But one appeared to need some convincing.

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Skrevet d. 09-04-2018 22:14
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Nu har jeg ikke set en video der viser hvordan danske fanger gør rent i danske kirker, så vi må nok gå ud fra at det gør man ikke i et demokratisk samfund.kat
Anarki eller Kaos.
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