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What Does It Cost To Live A Western Lifestyle In Bangkok?
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Skrevet d. 29-01-2018 12:22
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This video takes a detailed look at what it would cost to live a Western lifestyle in Bangkok. That means you demand Western standards of accommodation, travel and food. If you want to live in Bangkok with the same things you had when living in the West then would that be cheaper or more expensive than back home?

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harry eker
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Skrevet d. 29-01-2018 13:27
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This video will provide a very specific cost of living analysis detailing how you can live in Bangkok on less than 10,000 baht per week. It explores the cost of accommodation, transport, basic utilities and food to provide a realistic view of what you can get for your money in Bangkok city.

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AL 48
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Skrevet d. 29-01-2018 16:13
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Her kan man udregne sine månedlige udgifter (så nogenlunde) med priser fra Udon Thani (Isaan).

Cost of Living Calculator Thailand
With the cost calculator for Thailand on Udon-News, we have developed a tool that allows the individual to estimate his montly expendature.

The figures stated in the 'average monthly consumption' columns is provided to give the user an idea of what their consumption for each item might be.

Please enter your estimated monthly consumption in the box associated with each product. At the end of each line you will immediately see the monthly cost of your usage. At the end of the table you can also calculate your fuel costs. In addition to the economy of the vehicle per 100 km you must also include the estimated monthly mileage. On the last line, the costs are added together and you can see your monthly cost.

Of course, living in Thailand brings a variety of other costs. Dining, leisure, medical, insurance, energy, rent / property, gifts, family, clothing, etc. are issues that the potential emigrant to Thailand must address.

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