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Pattaya Police Hunt Prankster Who Paid Girls With Fake Cash To Flash

Pattaya police are on the lookout for a YouTube prankster who approached women offering them $100 to show him their boobs, paying those willing to flash their funbags with fake money.

Viktor Crazy has uploaded several videos from Pattaya in the past week including, “Girls Want To Have Sex” in which he walks around in a Borat style mankini.

In another he named “Do You Wanna Suck” the Ukrainian – who claims he’s an American from Las Vegas – misleads women into thinking he wants a blowjob before handing them a lollipop and then the one that caught the attention of cops, “ASK GIRLS TAKE OFF ALL CLOTHES FOR MONEY !! HOW MUCH SHOW ?!”.

Read More: https://www.stick...ash-flash/

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