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nostalgi for alle pengene ((122((

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en dejlig video som bringer minderne frem i første række jeg kom til Bangkok første gang i 1967. det var dengang rederiet ØK herskede over verdenshavene

skønne minder fra en svundet tid:TUP

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læs alt om "K O M P A G N I E T" her: http://www.snesej...

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British couple visits Thailand from Malaysia in 1951. See Bangkok and its Chao Phraya river and Golden Dawn stupa.

A viewer observed: "To my guessing, the train was south bound to Malaya (now call Malaysia). Highly possible that, travelers must overnight at Pun Pin district, Surat Tha Nee Province (where the Samui island located) in order to cross the Tha Pee river and re-board another train at the other bank for go further south.

As people, including monk in then movie walked carefully, while passengers' baggage were carried by some locals who provide the service to ease of boarding sampan and long-tail boats.

The bridge was destroyed during WW II by ally air raids. (WWII end in 1945, the film shot in 1951, Thailand at that time still need lot of resources to heal the damages caused by the war.)"

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