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Sunken Buddhist Temple Emerges During Drought
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Skrevet d. 21-06-2020 12:47
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A 150-year-old Buddhist temple that was submerged by a dam has become visible for the first time in half-a-century after a drought lowered the water level.

The ancient ruins had been covered with water but residents noticed them starting to poke above the surface in Khon Kaen, southern Thailand, last month.

Within a few weeks the water had receded so much that locals could walk on the stone building.

Footage from Monday morning (June 8) shows residents posing for selfies after reaching the shrine from a new bamboo walkway at the Ubol Ratana dam.

Village council chief Sutan Srithanawong said the Buddhist temple was built at least 150 years ago as part of a small community but it was submerged after the construction of the dam.

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