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Monitor Lizard Tries To Use ATM Machine
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Skrevet d. 05-09-2019 11:14
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This is the incredible moment a giant monitor lizard was found - trying to use an ATM machine. Shocked resident Krittavit Tamchai, 42, spotted the beast when he went to withdraw cash after finishing work in Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday (02/07) night.

The terrified office worker immediately stopped and changed his mind when the giant reptile - known for their aggression if provoked - refused to move from the standalone machine.

He said he ''didn't want to wrestle a monitor lizard to get to the machine''. Krittavit's mobile phone video shows the six-foot-long monitor lizard with its two hind legs on a ledge and his front claws across the ATM buttons.

The reptile appeared to be using its tail to balance while eyeing the digital screen. Locals gathered round to see the bizarre sight before a security guard arrived to scare away the creature. Rescue workers then caught it - but unluckily for the lizard it was empty-handed, having been unable to get its claws on any cash.

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